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If a product is found to be mis-addressed by Shop.TVNZ then Shop.TVNZ shall be responsible for the re-delivery or replacement of the order. If the Customer is found to have given an incorrect or insufficient address, then Shop.TVNZ will not refund or resend the product and all responsibility for correcting the delivery will be borne by the Customer.   A delivery address must have a complete street address including post-code.

Special Offers

Special offers on this site are only valid for so long as they are displayed, unless expressly stated otherwise.

Cancelling orders

Shop.TVNZ reserves the right to cancel orders for any reason or to cancel the purchase agreement after order confirmation, including (without limitation) where Shop.TVNZ believes the order to be fraudulent or constitute a mis-use of a promotional or marketing activity or where an error has occurred including but not limited to errors relating to pricing. If Shop.TVNZ cancels your order or purchase agreement, we accept no liability for any resulting damages or costs suffered by you; however we will refund the purchase price to you (where it has already been paid).


Please note that all prices displayed are for online purchases only.  Prices are subject to change without notice.  Shop.TVNZ reserves the right to change online prices and product as required.

Pricing errors

Although we do our best to ensure prices stated on this website are accurate, errors do occur from time to time. Where a pricing error occurs (subject to applicable law that cannot be excluded), we will not be bound by the incorrect pricing stated, and reserve the right to cancel your purchase.


You agree that the content you access or view on this site and the software used to create it remains the property of TVNZ or its Licensors as defined by New Zealand and International Intellectual Property Laws, including but not limited to Copyright and Trademark laws. You agree not to modify or alter such content in any way, or make it available to any third parties.
Please note that DVD’s available for purchase at Shop.TVNZ are for private viewing in the home.  Any other use is strictly prohibited.  


By creating an account with Shop.TVNZ you consent to receiving electronic communications from Shop.TVNZ. These communications will include: account status updates, order status updates, promotional and marketing materials, and other information relating to the service. Your personal details will not be made available to any third party apart for the purposes of shipment. For more information please refer to TVNZ’s Terms and Conditions of Access.


Shop.TVNZ would like to welcome you to this website; we have worked hard to make it as user-friendly and informative as possible. When viewing the pages of this website, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted the following disclaimer.

The information on this website is provided "as is" and for general information only. Shop.TVNZ has provided this information for the benefit of users in good faith and with reasonable care. However, errors and omissions in this website and the information on it may occur from time to time and Shop.TVNZ does not guarantee that the website will always operate or be error free.

Accordingly, to the maximum extent permitted by law, Shop.TVNZ does not accept any liability for the use of or inability to use this site, or for any loss or damage which may directly or indirectly result from any opinion, information, advice, representation or omission contained on this web site.

We hope this fully explains anything that you needed to know about ordering from Shop.TVNZ.